prayer is a gift of the heart

ajahn Kusalo

May all sentient beings be free from suffering and confusion.

May our collective prayers expand the trust and compassion in the world.


I wish that everybody in all states has enough to eat each day and has a home to spend each night in. Blessings to all.


My brother is an alchoholic and is very sick at the moment and may die because of his drink abuse. He is a good man and I ask you all to pray for him that he can find the strength to overcome his problem.thank you


Buddhist Mealtime PrayerThis food is the gift of the whole universe,Each morsel is a sacrifice of life,May I be worthy to receive it.May the energy in this food,Give me the strength,To transform my unwholesome qualities into wholesome ones.I am grateful for this food, May I realize the Path of Awakening,For the sake of all beings. Namo Amida Buddha.

A prayer from His Holiness quoting Shantideva

May I become at all timesBoth now and forever,A protector for those without protection,A guide for those who have lost their way.A ship for those with oceans to cross,A bridge for those with rivers to cross.A sanctuary for those in danger,A lamp for those without light.A place of refuge for those who lack shelter, And a servant to all in need.

v garuda

Gather in strength and trust in peace.


"Oh Lord make me chaste. But not yet!" Saint Augustine in his "Confessions"

Matthew Meadows

Heal my family and help them find peace in the Dhamma

Zhong D.Huang

May people treat disease by preventing illness before it began, same as treat war and environment protection...


The true light is embedded in truth The truth is seeded in the earth that is our being.May we all be radiant and luminous.

Nikki Owen

Much Metta to everyone.


May we all learn to keep the doors of our hearts open for always - to ourselves as well as to all the beings we encounter.


I pray that my daughter Ainsley overcomes her eating disorder and the disorder that it is bringing to her life. Let her find a pure hapiness


A prayer is rareso share if you dareyou see I carecosI'm busting for your trustingI ain't lusting I am trustingso bring it backand keep on the middle trackand you wont lack


I pray that we all attain peace. Peace, peace, peace be onto us and onto all living beings.


May all beings be happy and be free from suffering and sorrow. May all beings live in peace and harmony. May sister Rapita free from suffering. May she be well and heathy again. May all beings have compassion for all.


Though all his life a fool associates with a wise man, he no more comprehends the Truth than a spoon tastes the flavor of the soup.


I pray for world peace


I pray that all things be considered, all options be explored, all voices be heard before as a group decisions are made for everyone.


may all people become awake,may the living dead see the path .


That we should not judge but be willing to be judged by our own actions.


i would like to pray for all the hungry children in the world that they find what they seek


my prayer is that i hope that all my friends and family will be happy in the years to come and that i will be happy as well


Please help me at school, work and home and when i'm driving. Thank you


I wish everybody finds serenety and love thruough the path of happiness.


I pray that I may find the way to go beyond my selfishness; to see the pain that this ego brings to myself and others and the joy that arises when it is absent, even for the briefest of moments. So it is that I pray for myself, and the more I am able to let go of this self so I am praying for us all.


bless my family and friends. give me stength of spirit,and apprectiation for all that sorrounds me


I pray that I will realize my own inner/outer beauty and wake up inside, in order to be an inpiration for others.

Jeremy Cole

May any benefit arising from my practice help all beings everywhere and everywhen be free from suffering...


For Giles who is dying courageously of cancer


Wishing all the unfortunated people away from suffering and be in peace.Hope little Cecilia return home very soon.


life is so PRECIOUS.. let me be ENLIGHTENED, let me be made AWARE of the beauty that surrounds me.. let me be in control, and act with MINDFULLNESS. I pray for the determination to lead me to the path of enlightenment. I am now aware that the Buddha's teachings are to be an important part of ME!


may my own and all sentientbeings' completely pure aspiration prayers be perfectly fulfilled!

Chako X

May any merit I may have gathered through my prayers and practise be dedicatedto all sentient beings so that they may find the path to enlightenment




may all sientent beings reach budhahood


Kuan Yin saved my life. I pray that she spreads her blessings across the earth. Om Mani Padme Hum.


may our children grow into a better world

kit watkinson

peace and love to all beings


For peace in the world...


prosze o pomoc dla mojej madzi,oraz pomoc w otwarciu fundacji


please bring me hope and joy


please can i have the best x-mas prezzie


May the Buddha's teachings remain in this world and reach all sentient beings

Arika Blaythorne

I pray that my mother and I become good friends one day.

Sudakshina Piercy

"With the New Year 2004, may we try to justify peace with as much intensity as we have justified war throughout human history. May we move toward removing anger from the collective unconscious instead of enabling picking up a weapon. May we be united in life with all beings instead of in death.
Om Mani Padme Hum."


Thank you dear,
for everything.
You beautiful,


Please let me get all A and B's this guarter!


namaste everyone...
I hope that everyone finds the peace that will make their lives happy.

ann celina sawyer

may all beings be free from fear


for every one to be happy XX

Hasminda Chang

Let the Buddha bless all of his children, and let every Buddhhist behave well towards any other Buddhist "spiritual friend"


That the collective conciousness of the world be uplifted.

ann margaert

free Tibet !To his holiness .May peace and kindness prevail to all creatures .


bless those hurting, bless my loved ones,help me overcome my demons, and continue to be filled with love and light and spread that light and love to those that are void of it.

Shane Neal

May everyone abide in well being, in freedom from hostility, in freedom from ill will,in freedom from anxiety, and may they maintain well-being in themselves. May all beings be released from all suffering and may they not be parted from the good fortune they have attained.

Sentient Being

I hope that I can continue to move forward, so that every day I do just a little bit more to help others and a little bit less for myself.


To remember that all deserve kindness. Especialy when they are unkind.


may I be aware and content
and may my speech and actions mirror my mind
and may my mind always be well intended.


To god we pray everyday hE the one who made us we do not listen to him we go against his rules. We forget our culture with living with other rases


be thankful for today because it can all change tommrow and if you accept change with love there will be no pain and sorrow.


I would like to ask for peace and tranquility to all them like or not. I wish for the brightest blessings of the Higher Beings to shine upon those with no light. May all dreams come true and all lost souls find their way...Blessed Be


i pray Mother Earth to fill with joy the hearts of all the people of the world

viet tran

may all beings in all realms be free from physical and metal suffering without exception.

jaya krishna

HARE KRISHNA HARE KRISHNA KRISHNA KRISHNA HARE HARE, HARE RAMA HARE RAMA RAMA RAMA HARE HARE. "Jaya sri sri Radha Krishna! May Krishna have mercy on the fallen souls.


help me to find inner peace I am searching so hard to experience. Let me the person I want to be. go forward in peace with love in my heart, Compassion for all I meet on this wonderful journry. Help me to spirutual growth enlighten. move away the barriers that restict me reaching the devine spirt.


Please help my firend Bill who is living with AIDS to find peace.


May I help myself and others to learn peace and compassion.




may all be free from attatchment to this cycle of birth and rebirth , may we all cultivate true compasion...


I wish love and happyness to all


may there be love everywhere, for every being and may peace prevails always.

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