bless the people that are suffering worldwide. bless my loved ones so they have strenght of spirit. bless me so that i have clarity and piece of mind.

Nawang Dechen

To anyone who suffers in this world:
"...the Buddha hears your heart."
-- The Lotus Sutra


I pray that the love of my life can find happiness instead of detruction and evil. I cannot bring him happiness if he is unhappy with himself and I just pray that he realizes how wonderful he is and how deeply he is loved. I just want him to be happy.


"There is no way to happiness- Happiness is the way ..." The Buddha


Be kind, be patient
Open your heart to other's pain,
Walk the Buddha's path.


the U.S. to lead in peace, with peace


May every sentient being find their true path filled with peace, love, and forgiveness. May they find the realm of all that is good at the end of the hard road that is called life.

seamus brough

I am seven and I want to pray for Neil who is poorly and needs an operation.

Sara Cain

I pray my mom gets cured of all her cancer.


may all sentient beings be filled with loving kindness
may they all be well
may they be peaceful and at ease
may they be happy


may unwholesome thinking and actions find release into the vastness of wisdom and compassion,may all beings have happiness, and the cause of happiness and may the suffering transform into compassion and joy


may unwholesome thinking and actions find release into the vastness of wisdom and compassion,may all beings have happiness, and the cause of happiness and may the suffering transform into compassion and joy


I pray for the sick and teh suffering, and may they be granted healing and compassion, for protection with those who travel,and i pray for everyones prayers on this site, may you have faith, and love in you homes. Blessed be.

Forrest Song

I pray for world peace.


I pray for all living beings to be happy.

Two Spirit

May I realize Diving Beingness within me now and continuously with grace and humility. I am.


for me and my boyfriend to make a final decision and commitment about marriage and our future together

Dani Elison

peace on planet earth for ALL people----No more war


May we all find it in our will and strength to respond with kindness.


May all beings dwell in the perfect equanimity that is free from attachment and aversion


For my brother Mark to build a future for himself without alcohol.


thank you for love and for hurt,both of which makes me believe. bless those who are in need of love and light,myself included. help me to always be on the right path and that i follow the direction that my feet are pointing. amen

kamalesh Suradkar

be happy all the peoples of the worlds


May the hungry be fed, may the thirsty quench their thirst, may the wronged find justice, may those ravaged by war find peace, may I find the strength to continue feeling others pain and act to alleviate it.


Divine spirit is an eternal energy that shines through into today, into me now. I am peaceful and look within for my center. I am grateful for this peace and I release this prayer into the eternal spirit.

Erica 354

To become a true buddhist and learn their ways. ...God is not real...

Lynda Turner

I pray for Jane, Michael and Ruairi, with love. Always remembering Tom XXX


speak not to the ones who are with you mentaly, but take time to talk to the ones who arn't

Gaurav Tike

O Lord, Just make everyone happy in whatever condition they are in,Everyone cannot be rich,powerful,dynamic and leader.Make people happy in poverty,weakness,mediocrity and followership.Happiness is a most innocent thing people forget when they start their lives as a baby.Their spirits are happy but they become restless when they enter a human body and make a life. O Lord,just grant me and everyone that free and happy spirit that is free from all bondages of the earthy requirements.Take our spirits in your divine hands and let them be free.

Donavon kym Li

I came here from seoul two years ago and am so confused with this christian language pray for me to have strength and remember buddhas teachings

sue hor

May all being be well & happy May they keep an open mind. May they know how to take what is good & leave what may not be so good. May there be tolerance,loving kindness,compassion,appreaciation & understanding. May all sincere & compassionate seekers & practitioners, by whatever path may have chosen to travel,eventually reach their goal of wisdom & happiness, of Nibbana & the cessation of all suffering.



may all beeings be close to the roots of happiness, may illusions vanish, may the dharma be fully understood, may buddhahood be accomplished may this prayer be effectiv in a galaxy galaxies


Buddhism is a philosophy. There are no prayers. "A Buddhist is not a slave to anybody. (not to the god for sure)" Keep in mind, do not abuse to Buddhism.


Make me an instrument of peace,
where there is hatred, let me sow love;
where there is injury, pardon;
where there is doubt, faith;
where there is despair, hope;
where there is darkness, light;
where there is sadness, joy.
May I not seek so much to be consoled as to console; to be understood as to understand; to be loved as to love. For it is in the giving that we receive, in pardoning that we are pardoned, and in letting go that we attain nirvana.


may I awaken with all beings
may the worlds fears and hatred fall into nothing
as all things do

Nyinge Chodon

That Pure Torch ofInfinite Enlightening Compassion now awakens and enlightens and travels like White Lightening and from hand to hand and heart to heart as Pure Love and Pure Blessings Showering Blessings from All The Original Infinite Homes to All the Original Directions within The Understanding That The Wisdom That Enfolds Awakens Eternal Kindness in All Beings


I pray for peace in my infertility struggle.


Please take care of my family and my dearst friends who over the years have became sisters to me. With out this people in my life i wouldn't be the person I'am today


Peace, love and joy to all sentient beings


be happy


may all beings be happy!!!!
may we all realize that happiness is a matter of choice, and is entirely up to us. it's all about trianing your mind through meditation.
may all beings be relieved from their suffering!

om mani padme hung

Sonia Reid

For happiness, abundance and good health for my loved ones and myself.

chralotte st amour

Love and light to all for the good of all.


May all beings achieve peace of body, mind, and spirit. May my husband and I continue to have joy and love for one another and have a happy and long marriage.


May all beings gain the true happiness that is non-dependent upon circumstances. May I be freed from the power of my ego so I may be of more benefit to others through my practice.

Erlend Kristensen

I hope that all beings, in all worlds that might exist, may be at peace, be free of suffering. I wish that they will find the shortest way to archieve this. Be that people whom I respect and love, people I do not know and people I dislike or have craveing for. May this wish make others feel compassion for the suffering and may I be an example in practicing this compassion so that others can follow.


may all beings work with their fear in a way that opens their hearts infinitely.


May all be free from suffering
May all be happy
May all find freedom from desires
May all have compassion and loving-kindness for oneself as well as others
May all be free from guilt May all be free from inner and outer dangers
May we all look upon each other as friend
May we be filled with forgiveness
May we all be free from anger, hatred, jealousy, unworthiness,
loneliness, and suffering
May we all come to a spiritual path that can lead us to the cessation of all suffering.

Nancy Burrows

May all being be happy and free.


May all find the truth!


that we all become one with our true nature


please help my mother to stay healthy and strong in mind, body and spirit. plese help my son's to do great with everything that they do in their lives. God bless all the people, animals and this earth. thank you!


My brother is only 34 years old and he is suffering from Parkinson Disease after completed his Master Degree back in 1996. May I have your favour to pray for him that he can be free from the suffering. Amitabha.

Taylor Metz

I wish that my grandpa maybe be able to return safely and live long from the perils of cancer.

Renato Penzo

For pace in the word,for people illumination


May all beings be blessed with peace and compassion toward others and themselves.

chuck morelli

growing out in all directions i pray for happiness,spiralling for all beings everywhere, every time ,for all beings...


"O que dá sentido a minha permanência na Terra é despertar para minha dimensão divina, celebrar a Vida e fazer o que me traz alegria."

O que dá sentido a minha permanência na Terra é despertar para minha dimensão divina, celebrar a Vida e fazer o que me traz alegria.

Red Arrow

For Uncle John who is actively fighting stage 4 cancer. May he have faith, peace, patience, strength, healing, and joy. Om mani peme hum.

Daniel Tho

Sabhe Satta Sukhi Hontu. May all the living beings in this universe live happily always.


Tranquility to do the right thing....


I Hope all those searching for the Buddhist religion will find it and will be joyous with their path in life.


I pray for my sister Babita who wants to get married to Deepak. May her wish be granted immediately




May all sentient beings be free from suffering and find true and lasting happiness in this lifetime


i walk today to do whatever is in my highest good and the highest good for all of life everywhere. i am open to experience.


Sabbe Satta
Avero Hontu
Abyapajjo Hontu
Anigho Hontu
Sukhi attanam pariharantu


May we stop hurting our animal Relations and keep them alive instead of letting them die and loose all this precious life.


May all being throughout time and space be happy, whole, and liberated

matt cvik

I am praying for the people that have not given up desires and are living sin. I pray for the people that dont know the enlightenment.
I want to release my desires so I can enjoy the enlightenment.

Charlotte and Peter

keep our family, friends and partners safe and happy with us forever. Thank you

Amy & John

We would like to thank you for our good looks and charming wit. We love you all xx

Rachael and Neil

Thankyou for friends and family and partners. thankyou for humour and laughter and happiness. Amen x


Within my heart of hearts I pray that in these times of change that are so filled with hatred and controversy that the world will begin to realize that sorrow propigates itself well enough on its own and that we needn't help it along. May the lotus bud creep open just a bit to reveal a glimmer of the jewel within.

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