18 Sep '06 8am

Arfa the Brave

So loveley so nice and so warm. Your prayers are indedd the answer to a prayer. There is goodness in the world

20 Sep '06 3am

Susan Kimper

For Judy in Chicago who is having surgery on a tumor 9/20/06 at 8:30 AM CT. That she will come through the surgery without any complications and live for many wonderful years in happiness and health and continue to be a benefactor to many and a loving sister, wife, mother, mother in law, aunt, grandmother and friend to all who love her. Because we knew her we haved been changed for good.

20 Sep '06 12pm


May every living being find peace and happiness!

3 Oct '06 3am


May all truths be known and may all beings be healthy and happy.

7 Oct '06 12pm

kishore kumar

be positive be fearless be bold!!!!.....

7 Oct '06 3pm


may winter be sufficient with spring awaiting. may calmness be in our hearts and love surround our breath.

9 Oct '06 7am

Lila Faye Arrell

Buddha Bless "All" Living Beings. Namo Amitabha.

9 Oct '06 7am

Lila Faye Arrell

Blessings To Kharmmic Path, My Most Loyal Pomeranian Friend. Born March 23, 2005 @ 6:10 Pm.

20 Oct '06 2am

Kendra Jory

A prayer for peace among all nations. For footing on the right path and for justice.

24 Oct '06 4am


learn to not only forgive them but to forgive yourself

24 Oct '06 4pm


Meditate, see where your mind is, then that brightness from the heart will reveal the dhamma, no questions, no answers, just bright energy and metta. With love from Lisbon

25 Oct '06 10am


I pray that all people will know their anger and in so doing create peace and harmony.

7 Nov '06 5am


lead them to happines

9 Nov '06 1pm


For my dear wife, who nearly took her life a few weeks ago: May you find happiness until death finds you of it's own accord. For myself, may I find the wisdom to help you.

14 Nov '06 2pm


Om Tarre Ture So Ha

16 Nov '06 8am


For my husband;may God take care of him and help us both to understand the suffering - until it is time to meet him.

24 Nov '06 3pm


May I find the wisdom to bring peace to all that is imbalanced in my life. I have been foolish and wish to find the courage to take refuge in the Three Jewels.

14 Dec '06 6am

Lodro Riwo

For my son to be born healthy and that I have the strength and wisdom to raise him in the Dharma

21 Dec '06 4am


I pray that both myself and my Love find peace and heal from the events of our past. May his sorrow go away, and may he be healed from the pain which has tormented him since childhood, and may he learn to have healthy, happy, relationships with others. If Divinity wills it, I pray that he and I heal our wounds and express our love to eachother as fully as we can, to move forward together, once again.

21 Dec '06 11am


My feet restore me My limbs restore me My body restore me My mind restore me My voice restore me I beauty I walk Wtih beauty before me,behind me, below me,above me I walk With beauty all around me I walk With beauty we all walk together

2 Jan '07 5am


May the Dharma teachings and those who purvey them reach out to all living beings and may they find happiness and enlightenment. May compassion spread throughout the world and may we awake to guide ourselves into an era of compassion and peace.

17 Jan '07 1am


May the goodness of my friends Mother prevail over her cancer. May his family find peace and surround her with love. May all beautiful things enlighten her from pain. For her to have the strength to live in happiness.

17 Jan '07 10am


I pray for all beings, may they one day find endless compassion, on their journey down the road. May they find their inner light and share it with the world. Peace and Blessings to all.

25 Jan '07 1am


may all be as should be will be

27 Jan '07 4pm


O Amida, I ask your compassion, please extend it to all, especially those who seek.

27 Jan '07 4pm


Lord Buddha, I pray that I will find the spirituality that I seek in the Buddhist religion and that you will guide me on the path to Nirvana as so many Bodhissatvas have done for others in the past. Guide and protect me, Lord Buddha, and give me your wisdom. AMEN.

27 Jan '07 4pm


Lord Buddha, In the name of compassion, I pray that all prayers here receive a spiritual answer, that all people here receive a solution to their problems, and that all these seekers of spiritual wisdom will find what they seek. I ask that all that seek it, receive the enlightenment of Nirvana, that the Lord Buddha protect and watch over them, that truth and holiness be the fundamental principles of their lives on this earth. AMEN.

1 Feb '07 12am

Robert Leon

A lotus for you, a buddha to be.

8 Feb '07 4pm

Paul LaDue

I pray that fear will be replaced with living kindness and anger with compassion. May all beings live in safety.

19 Feb '07 10pm


Om Mani Padme Hung - Namaste

23 Feb '07 1pm


Namo Tassa Bhagavato Arahato Samma Sambuddhassa

28 Feb '07 11am


Compassionate, humble and dignified in life and forever so remaining in our hearts. May his memory enlighten us and remind us to love each day. Dustin Michael Tomlin 1981 to 2007

2 Mar '07 2pm

Jennifer Tan

Keep the Dhamma in your heart, and dwell in peace and happiness.

2 Mar '07 2pm

Jennifer Tan

May Thomas get well soon, and be a witness to the power of faith in the daily chant.

2 Mar '07 5pm

Janie Ann

May all that will be.... Live in peace and harmony.... Find the soul ution.... Within.... Namaste.....to the universe!

8 Mar '07 4pm


Nam Myoho Renge Kyo. Blessings.

14 Mar '07 2pm


i pray for kyle my new grandson that he finds peace and happiness in his life. i pray for his parents to have strength and tolerance as they struggle to bring him up. i pray for scientists as they research prader-willis syndrome.

16 Mar '07 9pm


I wish I passed one very difficult exam next week. I canīt live properly until I pass this exam. I wish I was lucky that day. Let me free my mind for others.

24 Mar '07 7pm


let us that are blind be given vision to see the way of the buddha peace to all

24 Mar '07 8pm


to lose all attachments and desires to become an empty vessell and in my emptiness become fulfilled

13 Apr '07 3pm

Peter Fitzgerald

Om Mani Padme Hum

29 Apr '07 10pm


I pray that I stop being nervous and pass my exams and get the job at the Commissioner of Insurance

10 May '07 12pm



12 May '07 4am


To understand the meaning of nothing, to embrace the fear of truth, to hear the wisdom of silence, to forgive the pain of loss, to recognize the words of love, to give with all my heart,

17 May '07 5pm

Darlene Dibble

I pray that I may serve and offer all that I have to give to all who are in need in this world. May I continue to see my reflection in the hearts of all of humanity.

21 May '07 7am

tu bi

may everyone's prayer will be truth, may everyone's sickness and sorrow will be gone, may everyone's happiness will be here and then, may your loves will makes the world the happiness place, and may i pray for everyone to find happiness and peace through this lifetime, NAM MO A DI DA PHAT, NAM MO AMITABHA BUDDHA.

24 May '07 3pm


I pray that all sentiant beings may find peace and contentment.

24 May '07 6pm

Darlene Dibble

I ask for peace in times of great change. I ask for the strength to stay with my emotions through this change and may I share this practice with those that are so close to me. My I invite them to look at their vast inner beauty and expand from there.

24 May '07 7pm


I pray that we may all bring about Peace everyday through a tender smile, a compassionate thought, a loving word, understanding in solitude, kindness...for my family in the Philippines, the US AND Europe and for all families everywhere, may we all lift our hearts and sore above the struggles together holding hearts and hands....

25 May '07 6am

Lila Faye Arrell

My Prayer Is I Thank The Universe Everyday 4 EveryThing. Buddha & His Teachings,Hare Krsna & Namo Amitahba.

25 May '07 6am

Lila Faye Arrell

Namo Tassa Bhagavato Arahato Samma Sambuddhassa Buddha Dhamma Sanga & Meta.

25 May '07 6am

Lila Faye Arrell

Thank You Today Universe 4 Meditation Class at The Miao Fa Chan World Buddhist Temple & Master Fathai Fasu.

30 May '07 4pm


I pray for the happiness of all beings, for my family and my pets, for myself and every other sentient being in the world. I pray that one day we will all be free from pain and suffering, see things as they truly are and be happy with how it is.

1 Jun '07 7pm

Darlene Dibble

I ask for the the swift sale of real estate so that my family can find some peace in our financial status. I also ask for some new direction and opportunities to be shown to my husband as he looks for a more meaningful job or study.

2 Jun '07 1am


Remember Remind the mind of our fleeting footfall upon this bright earth such a small step should be taken with care and delicacy and love so as not to disturb those who are otherwise taking a small step themselves

5 Jun '07 11pm


Mi plegaria es para la paz del mundo. Por la salud de Alfredo, de todos quienes me rodean. Y una plegaria especial para mi hija que pueda adoptar un bebe.

8 Jun '07 4pm


Thank u dear Krishna for being with me during all of my choas that was happening in my life. things did not turn out the way i had hoped, but u had other plans for me. i hope that u will always be close to me and guide me in all ways. Krishna I love u very much.

11 Jun '07 6pm

Lila Faye Arrell

May All Being Be Healthy & Happy.

15 Jun '07 1am


I wish I passed this exam to be free for all beings.

15 Jun '07 11pm


Thank you

19 Jun '07 11am

Shianne Valenzuela

May the Universe heal all lack of faith in the world, pour forth abundance on all, send loving energy and guidance to all and keep us in touch with our divine inner wisdom.

19 Jun '07 11am

Shianne Valenzuela

For Shawn, may you recognize your own strengh and worth, may abundance, finantial and musical, follow you all the days of your life, and may you always place value on what matters most.

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