19 Jun '07 11am

Shianne Valenzuela

For Shane,who often thinks of taking his own life. May you find inner peace, may you know your own strength, may you surround yourself with love and beauty, may you always live up to your highest potential, may your beautiful eyes only weep tears of joy, and most importantly may you recognize yourself as a child of the Universe and know that you are loved.

19 Jun '07 11am

Shianne Valenzuela

For my Son, may I be able to provide for you better, emotionally and finantially,may you know that you are loved in every way, my little being of light!

21 Jun '07 8pm

thanh hang

Nam mo ddai tu ddai bi cuu kho cuu nan quang ddai linh cam bach y Quan The Am Bo Tat. Con cau xin me. cuu ddo cho con, xui khien chong con thay dduoc a'nh hao quang cua Phat va` hanh theo Phat phap day bao, thay tam ddoi tanh quay ve voi Phat to va mang hanh phuc ve cho gia ddinh vo con. Con nguyen lam phuoc lam lanh giup ddo ke kem may man trong suot cuoc ddoi con. Nam mo cuu kho cuu nan Quan The Am Bo Tat. Nam mo A Di Dda Phat.

3 Jul '07 10pm


May I teach those who surround me how to be the best that they can be (to be seekers of truth) and to give more love than they are waiting to receive. May I refrain from judgement.

8 Jul '07 1pm


For Henry, who often discards other in order to reach his own goals. May he find the truth and compassion that he possesses and rejoice and live under new found truths and rejuvenate himself.

13 Jul '07 1pm


For Roger. The end of this life is a difficult transition. My you pass peacefully to the next one.

15 Jul '07 12am

broken wings

i need positive energies,and to know when to know when my energies are being depleted by vexations to the spirit. help mee open my wings to love,please let this one heal more then hurt,and help me be patient when wanting him.

16 Jul '07 5pm


Please help my son to recognize his rightful path and take care to keep his intentions focused on his health and well "being". Pray for him

16 Jul '07 11pm

eng say kong

i wish made my mind will peace,and happiness,hope get more healthy ,also my family in malaysia,and friends i had knew in my life,god bless

21 Jul '07 9am


May my mind be free from suffering and my heart full of love and compassion. May I influence others by walking the eight fold path and may buddha bless all the people I come across, known to me or not.

26 Jul '07 1pm


pray for peace

2 Aug '07 3pm


For my love, may you be strong, may you are safe, may you are patient and we will be together again

5 Aug '07 5pm


May my family and friends find peace in these difficult times...

13 Aug '07 11pm


Enlightenment for all

14 Aug '07 1pm


Calming events to help my son and his son keep their love strong together.

20 Aug '07 1pm


for the happiness of al beings, especially my soon Robin

4 Sep '07 5pm


Please pray for my son that he may find a purpose in his life and come out of his depression soon. Give me the strength to support him and help him reach his highest good all through love.

9 Sep '07 11pm

Shaun Maxwell

Please allow the missing little girl Madeleine McCann to find peace & let the people who have taken her find guilt and shame enough to let her go un harmed, let the subconcious thoughts of love & light find their way to the little girls parents. Blessed Be

12 Sep '07 8pm


I pray that our finances might open up for us, in the form of selling some acreage we have. May someone who loves the beauty of nature find our piece and visualize living happily and content in the country. Please pray for us.

19 Sep '07 10pm


Please pray that I may clear and loving in my teaching of yoga and that i may help students find their inner wisdom.

25 Sep '07 4pm


May I become a Boddhisattva.. ....... peace for my family and brother.

1 Oct '07 7pm


please give savi the strength of mind to defeat her demons and find the love that dwells within her and may she find the middle path to happiness

3 Oct '07 3pm


May we all find the inner peace and strength that we deserve. Peace.

6 Oct '07 1pm

broken hearted

please show me the way away from the precipice i am falling into my beloved has gone i need help to carry on show me the true path i am empty without my hearts desire

6 Oct '07 7pm

Pablo Tedeschi

For the happiness of all sentient beings in general, and for the well-being of one of my best friends here on earth, Tata. That the crisis she's in becomes an opportunity for her spiritual dvelopment and that she comes out of it in perfect health.

6 Oct '07 7pm

just a person who cares

this is to shianne valenzuela i have touched the hand of death it is a cold place to be it is better to stay with the ones that love you they are there for you no matter what please fight the emptiness and fill yourself with their love we all love to live and live to love

8 Oct '07 3pm


I pray that I might learn to let go of all attachemtns, and be more aware of the divine union of God.

16 Oct '07 5pm


Please allow this to happen so that they all are served and his Karma rebuilds. With deepest gratefulness - thank you.

22 Oct '07 6pm


may we be aware of the poisons that bind us to attachment. may all those at loss be without sorrow and those at gain realise it through compassion. at difficult times may we all stay dillegent to spread the dharma for the sake of all sentient beings.

22 Oct '07 6pm


let all beings be happy , and realise the Buddham in each ... Ahum Brahasmi

28 Oct '07 9am

just a person

to find the power within to let go of the dreams i had and face the reality of the moment the love as gone from my partners heart give me the wisdom to release my butterfly with the love she needs to go where her heart takes her

29 Oct '07 4pm


Please, pray that our property sells today to folks from Alaska who are interested, so that we can afford to pay for my son's schooling.

31 Oct '07 2pm


Thank you from a grateful heart

1 Nov '07 3pm


May I be shown signs to be a better servant to all living beings.

5 Nov '07 1pm

Wayne Nicholson

May all beings see that Sign Language is perserved and recognized as a language of the Deaf people worldwide.

5 Nov '07 4pm


may my sister be free from worry and her surgeons be free from complication. may her family stay strong through troubled times and be offered the best oppurtunities to inspire others. may my brother be valued by the size of his heart so they may get ahead in life. may all be well and happy as we pray for the sake of all sentient beings.

8 Nov '07 8pm


Mom, may you and Nana find moments of peace and goodness even when life is difficult.

16 Nov '07 1pm


please let us have a little baby please i really wish this and for health for all my family especially my wife mum and mother in law and father in law thank you

28 Nov '07 2am


For Heather and her family especially grandmom. health and prosperity . help them cope with whatever occurs i the life of the family including the pregnancy.

9 Dec '07 3pm


Thank you thank you thank you. Let his life continue to improve. Thank you.

10 Dec '07 12pm


I wish the tests were OK.

15 Dec '07 2pm


Thank you

15 Dec '07 8pm


sarva mangalam

8 Jan '08 5pm


Please give the strength and understanding from my family

9 Jan '08 2am


Rene - may your heart find peace. We love you and miss you. Please find it within yourself to let us know that you are safe. We love you. J,K,J,R

16 Jan '08 5am


Thank you,I pray for courage and self love,and for people that pray.

17 Jan '08 11pm

darren french

how i can pray to luke cole for try love back

18 Jan '08 11am

Don Ybarra

I need a prayer for my finances and life for some reason i am unable to get ahead in life ,my heart is cast down by failure,at seeing no good comes from my efforts. iam a good person i try to help people as much as i can put smiles on there face but mine is hurting , iam trying to server but don't get no where,it dont feel good to be stress.

30 Jan '08 3pm


I pray my daughter Hayley finds peace and happiness in her life may she feel surrounded by love and never feel alone I miss her so much

13 Feb '08 11pm


never loose sight that life is a gift life is the present

17 Feb '08 11pm


that we can transform fear with metafore, and the sound that comes from it will be-like children laughing.

19 Feb '08 12am

Una madre

Quiero ser luz del camino para vosotros, pero no obligaros a seguir mis pasos; quiero ser vuestro consuelo pero no solventaros todos los problemas; quiero estar cuando me necesitéis y que penséis en mí antes de tomar una dirección. Sois mis tres joyas más preciadas aunque no me pertenezcáis. Os quiero

27 Feb '08 5am


To my Aunt, I pray that you have peaceful thoughts and much joy as you embrace every last moment of you life. I pray for a miracle I love you

27 Feb '08 5am


To my Aunt, I pray that you have peaceful thoughts and much joy as you embrace every last moment of you life. I pray for a miracle I love you

1 Mar '08 2am


Que Nicolás y Natalia puedan encontrar las verdaderas causas de la felicidad...

2 Apr '08 4am


Strength and courage to all. Shaanta.

11 Apr '08 1am


i pray for the peace in my life for the people that try to hurt me, and hate me that God may touch them, and work in their lives, i been praying for my hearthaches to be over for years i pray that god may ans. me and give me peace and hapiness again.

22 Apr '08 6pm


please please pray that julie and steven stop bullying it hurts so badly i cannot stop crying

25 Apr '08 11am


that i get whrer im going and thatb i cAN BE MAGNANIMOUS AT ALL TIMES

6 May '08 3am


DT8KnB Hello! I'm Samuel Smith, i'm from Switqerland i and find your site really brilliant!

6 May '08 6pm


the water left the container the ocean held for eons. in a second that was only a moment in ocean years. nanyivarda your reality is not quiet ours and what mier a mare is going through is not mine. a rain boe flag for them we hoist, before the comming rain.

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