20 May '08 9pm


May Alex Ray soon be free of pain.

31 May '08 4pm


Healing for Martha and Ed from cancer.

6 Jun '08 12pm

Braths class

Lets help people less fortuanate than ouselves. Let everyone find love. Peace and happiness to everyone.

21 Jun '08 6pm


May my Grammy not get Cancer again, and may the whole world become enlightened. Namaste!

22 Jun '08 2pm

Simon Mok

Lord buddha, I wish my life path can be corrected by you're way of teaching and love from you. I wish to be a better each day, a good father in the future. Please allow my faith to be guide by you lord. Last of all, i wish the energy in me is harmonies every time, and gaining knowlaged every where i go.

2 Jul '08 4pm


For all those praying here, I ask for light, blessings and strength to them. I ask for light and blessings to their needs and the answering of their prayers.

9 Jul '08 12pm



9 Jul '08 5pm

ciarra gerones

i pray to pass the nursing board examination on june 1 and 2 2008, i still waiting for the result pls. pray for me thanks..

9 Jul '08 8pm

Mary Jo

Healing and growth for PR, CM, LP, NJT, CWM, CCO, and EAM.

18 Jul '08 11am


I pray that I can win the powerball lottery, so I can help all of siblins, my sister n law and my church.

18 Jul '08 12pm


Love is the key of liberty. May all beings be love and liberated. I may share all my goodness to all beings.

27 Jul '08 11am


i praye my elder brother will recover after the operation he took last week. health to him!

12 Aug '08 1am


Dear father, May you dance the celestial dance with great joy! May the apsaras be your friends! ~Your loving son.

18 Aug '08 12pm

Jai Dee

may everyone learn to love each other and together we will find world peace.

18 Aug '08 4pm


i pray that all man kind learns to live and together.i pray for my 3 sons erinn shayne & jordan. love life& love each other

22 Aug '08 7am


A Prayer for Success Almighty God, Whose Hands hold all matters of life, give me grace of success in the work that I do. Help me to give it the careful thought and the strict attention that will lead to success. Watch over me and govern my actions, that I may not mar its perfection. Show me how to give my best, and let me not despise the toil that is necessary to complete it. Make my life a successful one, in that every duty You give to me, I do it well. Give me the blessing of Your help and guidance, and suffer me not to fail. In God's name. Amen.

29 Aug '08 5pm

kishore kumar

"Fearlessness, excessive Sattva (purity), preoccupied with knowledge and yoga, charity, self-control, rituals and worship, study of scriptures, penance and simplicity."

9 Sep '08 4am


for a strong man who has struggled all his life and had to fight for everything he has ever had and is losing it all,i pray for an easier fight, peace of mind and a life well worth living with all the happieness he has ever imagined feeling and all the love he could ever endure.

15 Sep '08 3am


pray for nathan to have peace of mind about his life and to know that life will get better and that his babies are his babies and no one can ever take that away from him, NO father like him should ever have there babies taken away. pray for him to understand that things are hard now, but as lime goes by it will get easier, let him know that some time with them is a whole lot better than no time at all. show him the light.

18 Sep '08 4pm

zheng yi

peace, please

20 Sep '08 4pm


I have found my soulmate. He was God's gift to me as I met him right after I prayed to God to send me my soulmate. But his family will not accept me. Hence they trying to get him married to someone else. Only a prayer can stop this. Can you please pray for me. I cannot live without him and vice versa. PLEASE PRAY FOR ME. ONLY PRAYERS CAN GET HELP ME GET THIS MIRACLE. What is happening is wrong for everyone. Please set it right and grant me my wishes. And make everyone happy. I cannot see him so sad and depressed.

23 Sep '08 5am


may all beings awaken to there true nature!

25 Sep '08 3am


Nam mo Dai Tu Dai Bi Quang The Am Bo Tat... con cau sinh me hay mai mai nhac cho con dung bao gio mat di nim tin. Cau me cho ngoai noi cuc lac duoc yen lanh...Con nguyen cau xin me cho co con vo duoc truong y ta de som ngay tro ve tham mo ngoai. Nam mo Dai Tu Dai Bi Quan The Am Bo Tat

25 Sep '08 2pm


I pray that my Mum's Guardian Angel will be with her when she has her operation for Cancer. May he wrap his wings around her to protect and heal.

4 Oct '08 4am


Nam mo dai tu dai bi cuu kho cuu nan quang dai linh cam quan the am bo tat. Xin chu phat phu ho cho con qua khoi tai kiep nay.

4 Oct '08 5am


Nam mo dai tu dai bi cuu kho cuu nan quang dai linh cam bach y quan the am bo tat. Nam mo A Di Da Phat. Xin chu phat va on tren phu ho cho con cung gia dinh tai qua nan khoi.

4 Oct '08 5am


Nam mo dai tu dai bi tam thinh cuu kho, cuu nan quang dai linh cam Bach Y Quan The Am Bo Tat Ma Ha Tat. Nam Mo A Di Da Phat. Nam mo dai tu dai bi tam thinh cuu kho, cuu nan quang dai linh cam Bach Y Quan The Am Bo Tat Ma Ha Tat. Nam Mo A Di Da Phat. Nam mo dai tu dai bi tam thinh cuu kho, cuu nan quang dai linh cam Bach Y Quan The Am Bo Tat Ma Ha Tat. Nam Mo A Di Da Phat. Nam mo dai tu dai bi tam thinh cuu kho, cuu nan quang dai linh cam Bach Y Quan The Am Bo Tat Ma Ha Tat. Nam Mo A Di Da Phat.

7 Oct '08 12pm


pray for Nathan's luck to change. answer his prayers . you can only push a man SO far before he falls over the edge.

20 Oct '08 12am


I pray for 3 1/2 yr old Conor, my nephew. He is presently on a respirator and has acute menococcyl meningitis. I pray for his recovery and for strength for his parents and brother. Let your divine light bear him thru this that he may walk his path with us.

29 Oct '08 1am


May Mario find wisdom and peace.

31 Oct '08 7pm


May all obstacles and obscurations that prevent sentient beings' liberation be swiftly removed.

25 Nov '08 11pm

hue chung

cau nguyen cho ban than va nguoi minh thuong yeu{ anh em, ba me , ban than , ba con yeu thuong } cung nhung chung sanh trong vong dau kho duoc suc khoe, binh ban may man va deu huong theo phat dao.

26 Nov '08 9am

dieu huong

Con thanh tam cau xin Duc Quan The Am Bo Tat tu bi gia ho cho tat ca moi nguoi than trong gia dinh con, nhung nguoi con thuong yeu va nhung con vat con nuoi nang thuong yeu cung ban than con duoc nhieu suc khoe, khong benh tat, binh an va hanh phuc

26 Nov '08 9am


I pray that all my loved ones, my family including my pets are always happy and healthy, free from diseases, free from danger,and free from worry

13 Jan '09 11pm


Please help my 12 year old daughter, Anthea, find true happiness and peace within herself. May she return to school, make good friends & truly BE HAPPY!!

12 Feb '09 11pm


Nam Mo Quan The Am Bo Tat! Con cau xin Me hay phu ho do tri cho gia dinh con, ai cung duoc binh yen va hanh phuc. Xin phu ho cho Ong Ba Noi va Ong Ngoai con duoc sieu sinh noi cuc lac. Xin phu ho cho Ba Ngoai con doi dao suc khoe va song lau tram tuoi. Nam Mo Quan The Am Bo Tat Ma Ha Tat.

19 Feb '09 3am


May my family find peace and compassion within and kindness for themselves and others. And for me too.

25 Feb '09 4pm


I pray for the human race worldwide to choose peace and be active in the creation of a new world of generosity and human cooperation. I pray for the end of wars, big and small. Pass peace on.

25 Feb '09 7pm


I pray that you may bring my husband and i back together and that he may forgive me and we can have our fmaily and home back to normal!

2 Apr '09 1am

Navdeep singh sodhi

Dear Lord , I pray to win Powerball. I promise to be good. I will give some to the church for making road to church better. If I have millions of dollars I know all my problems will disappear. Amen

14 May '09 12am

Lila Faye Arrell

I miss you Kharmmic Path. I know we'll see one another in our next life. I am with you always Baby Doggins. Buddha Bless's You.

14 May '09 1pm


may every being be happy and free. namaste.

14 May '09 10pm


for the enlightenment of Allen and Rachel

14 May '09 10pm


for the enlightenment of Allen and Rachel

21 May '09 7pm


Xin On tren phu ho chung con duoc binh an trong tam hon va khoe manh de song qua kiep nay

4 Jun '09 11pm


200.000 €

4 Jun '09 11pm


200.000 €

5 Jun '09 11am


prosperidade, abundancia, alegria, segurança, saude, amor, dinheiro

9 Jun '09 10pm


comer perdizes

9 Jun '09 10pm


200.000 €

11 Jun '09 1pm


i wish every body well and that they dont get sick

11 Jun '09 1pm

Courtney jones

i would like for everyone to be treated fairly with enough food , shelter and happiness for all human beings .

11 Jun '09 1pm

liam rogerson

i wish that everybody finds inner peace with themselfs and everything around them

11 Jun '09 1pm

Charley Birkett

I want everyone to have a great life and for everyone to be nice to each other

11 Jun '09 1pm


i wish for food and water, for everyone in my community.

11 Jun '09 1pm


May all pain and suffering end in the world and be reaced with peace and tranquility

11 Jun '09 1pm


I pray that every sick, homeless and hungry person will find a hope in their lives.

30 Jul '09 8am


nam mo a di da phat i pray that buddha will be with my grandma, and will give her the strength to fight her colon cancer and to ease her pain and bring her happiness if it is her time to leave this earth. nam mo a di da phat

3 Aug '09 6pm


may all feeling creatures be happy and without any pain

18 Aug '15 11pm


Found your site while researching homemade incense, and it has been helpful. But please add detail on Incense Instruction page! Gum Tragacanth should be added dry as a powder, or as a premixed liquid? And if a liquid, at what ratio of water to gum powder? Thank you so much!

22 Nov '15 3pm


I adore TED as well and I find that *many* of the TED speakers give Buddhist talks, pralobby without ever realizing that is exactly what they did. The dharma is all around; and people who are grounded and connected and open just live it, even if they don't know it.

18 Dec '15 2am


May the bad rulers be overthrown peacefully by their people. May the peoples free themselves and take the power over their own destiny. Metta to all.

14 Jun '16 1am


Trust is a blessing

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