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Buddha Minders: shows us what you are doing; as a group, family or individual. How do we mind the Buddha? Your version of minding can inspire others or be a point of meeting or discussion.

The original "vision" - :: still more-or-less relevant.
User Profile questionnaire results ::

 Little Bodhi    ::
A magazine for young and all.
This has been on the drawing board for ages.
It is not ready but I thought it might inspire something for you.

 ePals    ::
Sign up and find a friend.
Upload your picture and any details you like.

 Greeting cards    ::
Send someone a picture, a message, the music, the words, the works.
Chose your own combination of graphics, sounds and colours.

 Poetry    ::
Writing in verse allows a flow of thoughts that prose does not.
Try you hand here - either start a new poem or add to someone else's.

 I Ching    ::
Not specifically Buddhist but a useful meditation-contemplation process.
There is an ancient wisdom here that can direct thoughts and hone the intuition.

 Tarot    ::
Another not-specifically-Buddhist topic. Nvertheless useful for directing thoughts and honing the intuition.

 Gifts    ::
Things you have sent in.

 Prayer gallery    ::
A new, and for me, a very interesting area of consideration. Have a look and see what you think.

 Scratch Pad    ::
Jot things down. Not chat, not a forum but a space to say pretty much anything.

buddha taught many suttas on impermanence
INCI d e n t a l s

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buddha scream silent peace divine compassion

:: Connect-4: fun game

:: jig-saw [U can do it]

:: your essential name

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:: psychic phred trick

time is essence in love

there is hope in truth
buddhist truth is youth oriented yoga in the mind of alignment settings