Here are a few 'home-made' stupas.

A dry laid stone stupa in Devon, England. A creation of joy and beauty.
The prayer flags and a lot of the stonework was done by
young children as part of a family weekend.
The Buddha image in the alcove is only just visible. The umbrella is yet to come.
The two stupas below were made in Switzerland. The one on the left is about 2m tall and is made of snow bricks. The spire is an icicle. The stupa on the right started as a massive pile and was sculpted. It is hollow and was an excellent place for chanting mantras (until it slowly sank into itself).

The beginnings of a slate stupa made in East Wales.
The central pillar can be seen and the umbrella was a
temporary addition just for the consecration ceremony.

A small square based stupa built as a preliminary experiment
in a meditation centre in Spain.