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Colour In

Buddha Mind - get one, be one.

Colouring in is an activity that can be applied to any theme, concept or idea. You can either find a picture that relates to your plan and make a simple tracing of it or make a freehand line drawing. If you are working with a group, producing the template could be a wonderful opportunity to discuss the theme and decide how it could best be drawn. And then either that group - or another - can colour it in. These days with photocopiers and scanners so accessible there is a lot of scope. Most imaging software has some way of removing the colour blocks from a picture leaving just the lines.
Each picture below has some very simple suggestions for discussion. If you don't know the answers you may have to read a bit more. You could try: WELCOME / BROADLY SPEAKING / Q & A
Wisdom Publication produce a lovely colour-in version of the 'Life Story of the Buddha.'
Click the thumbnail - the downloaded image should print well enough at A4 size. You could easily enlarge on a photocopier.

Making and Offering
to Samanas.

Banana in bowl

The Buddha's right hand in the 'Fearless' gesture; the left in that of giving.

fear not
Why put food in monks' bowls? What are the advantages of practising generosity? Are there any disadvantages? Why are their heads shaven? Have they got shoes on? Why not? What is the circle around the Buddha's head? What do the hand gestures (mudras) mean? Why has the Buddha got hair?

Monks gathered for a ceremony:

in tune

The Kathina cloth is carried in procession:

This image is shown in colour above.
What are they sitting on? Why are their hand raised? Is the monk at the end in charge? What is each person carrying? Why the big umbrella? What is a kathina?
The head of the Buddha surrounded by a lotus halo:


Who is the a picture of? How can you tell? How old was the Buddha when he died? Why is he lying on his right side? What is the disc around his head? Where did he die?
Sitting on a Shrine:
Hands in the gesture of teaching:
What is the Buddha sitting on? Why is one shoulder not covered? What is that on top of the Buddha's head? What do the hand gestures (mudras) mean? What is the design on the palm of the raised hand?
Walking by a quiet stream:
In the middle of a maze shrine:
Monks often live in quiet, natural surroundings - why?
? c ? o ? s ? m ? i ? c ? or what?