Here are three short skits that could be done individually or slotted in amongst other items of a show.

1 - The Commercial Break:               This has a little song - download it.

All you need is a decorated cardboard box filled with confetti or the like.
Lines are delivered by alternating characters.

I'd like to interest you in this product. (Holding up box)

It's nothing new.

But it's tried and true.

It's efficacious.

It's just for you.

Having tried it once you'll wonder how you ever got along without it. And the amazing thing about it ..

No! It's not amazing it's almost miraculous ...

It's available anytime.

Any place.

Absolutely free!

All that it takes is a little intention, a smidgen of effort and - hey presto! you've got it.

That's right folks, it's metta, natures very own heart cleanser.

Metta - that's loving kindness. It contains absolutely no Dukkha.

No artificial additives.

No added sugar.

It's 100% totally pure ... and it works.

So, when: [this is the song - download the sheet music]

Sadness worry gloom and hurt,

Stain the heart like grime and dirt

With a heart of pain and woe

A little metta will make it go

If your skies are dull and grey

Roll those Dukkha clouds away

Wash with metta and you'll see

A happy heart that's clean and free!

2 - The Man in the Street         

You sir

Who me sir?

Yes, you sir. How do you feel right now?

Oh no! really terrible. I just failed maths, my dog died last week and my budgie wants to be a rock musician.

Hey, that's really bad.

That's Dukkha with a capital D for depression. I'll never be happy again.


We have here (display box)

Just the thing for you.

I'll try anything.

[Calls out] Assistants!
[several people can join in - some on a chair or stool. Confetti is sprinkled and rubbed massaged onto the man in the street as the song is sung]

[to the audience - song sheet or words in programme] Hey! this guy really needs your help.

Metta is much more effective when more people are administering it.

Come on - sing with us now. [more confetti and rubbing]

So, how do you feel now?

Really great! Amazing.

That's not amazing that's miraculous.

That's not miraculous that's [all] ..... METTA! [sing again?]

3 - Commercial: NEW, Improved Metta.         

You need two identical buckets - one filled with water, the other with confetti.
Mischievous, suggestive voices.

Metta is also available in the easily applied liquid form [splash a little by hand]

You may think that this will dampen the spirits but it will in fact cleanse the heart.

The wonderful thing about this method is that one application covers a whole range of problems - and people. [wild sweeping gestures - more splashing]

[to audience] I sense some doubt and hesitation on your part.
[to one with bucket] Perhaps a demonstration would be more convincing?

[steps back and makes as if to throw, hesitates, stops, turns and says]
Are you sure they need it? I mean we don't want to waste it.

Of course they need it. Look at them - there's Dukkha smudges all over every face.

OK then [steps back further as if to run and throw - hesitates as before]
Are you sure about this? It's a lot to use at one time.

You'll be doing them a favour

OK then.

[goes off stage, comes vigorously running on, almost throws, repeat hesitation [this whole business can be really hammed up if there is the space and the actors can carry it]
[to himself doubtfully] I don't know about this.

[from side stage] Yeah! go on! do it. Dump it on them. Go for it!

OK! I'll do it. [goes off stage, swaps buckets and throws confetti - it can have sweets mixed in with it] [sing the song?]