Making your own Dhammacakka

Take a square of plain or coloured paper and fold it into quarters as shown in fig. 1.
Fold it diagonally. (In fig. 1 the original centre of the paper is bottom, right.)
Fold diagonally again, as in fig. 2.
Cut along the curved lines. Remove the white area - leaving the 'shaded' portion, as in fig. 3.
Unfold this 'shaded' portion and you should have an eight-spoked wheel which you can decorate
You could hang it up or make it into a flag. Try making several and threading them on a string. You could give them away as presents.

fold-1.gif (2199 bytes)

fig. 1

fold-2.gif (1980 bytes)

fig. 2

fold-3.gif (2837 bytes)fig.3

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