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Other Versions - by other Authors

Buddha Mind - get one, be one.


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Probably several hundred versions of the Buddha's life story have been written in one form or another. I have collected a few here - not especially proposed as the best but just a sample of what came readily to my hand - or, more accurately, my mouse. Visit your local library or monastery as they would have something available for sure. Search the WWW - there is heaps of stuff (difficult however for the beginner to know rubbish from gold).
Because of the way Indian history has come to us no 'accurate' or definitive biography of the Buddha has been written and you will quite likely even encounter conflicting information. There are of course many consistencies and if you wish to get a fairly accurate picture it will involve reading several renditions and establishing those points and then feeling your way around the rest. The story comes largely wrapped in his teaching so the gain from any study is twofold - historical and dhammic - with both lines of investigation yielding useful material; inspiration on the one hand, wisdom on the other.
Based on a series of about 20 pictures (3 pages of text and thumbnails with links to the pics). Taken from a Sri Lankan booklet the material has a very distinct cultural bias.
USA - THAI A collection of about 20 pages of text with some thumbnails linking to pics. The life story of the Buddha built up around a series of wall paintings at a Thai temple in Chicago. Although produced via a Thai temple it has been well tempered by a Western environment and the text reads well with a good level of detail. A good place to start.
A few key points - birth, marriage, enlightenment, teaching, death.
A bit more detail - particularly up to the enlightenment.
Another medium length read. A good story but a bit short on history, names and other details.
A four part presentation. Nicely laid out in clear sections with a moderately high level of detail. Some scriptural quotes (not referenced) to support the story.
A comprehensive and well presented list of referenced quotations from the Pali Canon relating to the various key events. [one single file - 116k]


Largely quoted from the Canon with a lot of material but only related to a few elements of his life (a nice section on his daily habits). [one single file - 131k]

The Buddha lived and taught in the area known as the Ganges Plain, a vast area in Northern India.