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Buddha Mind - get one, be one.


Winzip: Most downloads have been zipped and you will need this. It is probably as close to a windows 'standard' as you can get. Shareware [uncrippled]. Visit the WinZip site and download. Winzip is often available off magazine CD's.

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PC format only. The Three Refuges an inter[age 10yrs.] - 1.4Mb

The Eight Worldy Winds [age 8yrs+] 600k

Buddhas Back to Front - based on the book of the same name [age 10yrs+] 1.8Mb


Which I will further sort as time goes on...

Formula for taking the Three Refuges & Five Precepts (Pali with Eng. translation)  PDF 36k

TNT - SET 1 | SET 2  | SET 3

TNT - Cover set on the 5 Precepts - PDF 530k

TNT - Cover set on the Three Refuges PDF 200k

TNT - Cover set on meditation PDF 300 k

Certificate based on keeping the 5 Precepts. Colour this in. WMF 51k

Summary of the Three refuges; double-sided, printable A4 sheet. PDF 38k

Words and quotations to go with the giving song. PDF 46k

Buddhist Wheel - Make your own 8-spoked origami wheel WMF 4k

Biography of Ajahn Chah

Monastery Chanting Book [120k]

Opening the Doors to the Deathless: A book prepared for the Temple Dedication ceremony at Amaravati - July 4 1999
          Full version             html 960k       [run temp-frame.htm]
          Dhamma talk only  html 122k       [run pg34.htm]

Screen Saver - Simple and elegant imagery with basic information on the Eight-Fold Path. It calmly moves along - nice and slowly [1.35mb]

The Dhamma Cakka Sutta - In English [2k]
                                               - In Pali (with font) [28k]

Three free desktop images - glaze at the Buddha between the icons. 250k each
             Namo Tassa    or:     Sabbe Dhamma    or:     out of the mist

Two Buddha outlines - WMF [11k]

Outline of a Bodhi Leaf - WMF [5k]

Bodhi leaf maze - TIF [35k]

MANDALA OUTLINES - set of 6 [185K]

STEREOGRAM KIT - Make your own magic eye pics. Includes programme (freeware), samples and instructions [263k]

PRINTABLE STEREOGRAMS - 11 images made with the above programme using Buddhist symbols [460k]

3 STICKERS images (print them on sticky labels) [150k]

4 emotion faces as line drawings

Stupa profiles - set of 17 B&W tiff's [11k]

Simple word puzzle based on traditional Buddhist symbols [14k]

The six Realms - 21cm x 30 cm - Line drawing. [69k]

A collection of 42 printable Buddha images. There is a read-me file with some information on each image. [1.35mb]

A set of 50+ Buddhist icons

Robe - text and pictures on how to sew a sanghati (the outer, double robe). [20k]