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Buddha Mind - get one, be one.

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The Family Camp:

A variety of Pali Chanting (P), Mantra (M) and various Songs (S) that have become familiar to participants of the family camps at Amaravati Monastery. These tracks were recorded during the summer camp of 1999.
THE WORDS - Download the words for all these chants and songs. English translations are provided where available and a Pali font is included. As the file size is not so large it seemed easier to put it all in one file and leave you to use what you wish. [36k]
THE SONGS: P = those in Pali language
I am a Child of Light - simple lyrics with a lovely melody. Easy to sing along with. [250k]
Sabitiyo - A common traditional Pali chant in response to offerings made by lay people - particularly a meal. [120k]
Do Good - A mantra set to an upbeat rythm; the words are the Buddha's advice on the first Magha Puja. [290k]
Anicca vata Sankhara - P - The chanting that usually concludes a funeral; a very poignant reflection on impermanence. [260k]
Pharitvana Mettam - To begin a blessing this Pali chant is used to invite all the forces of goodness to both witness and enhance the current situation. [290k]
We are all One Family - Nice lyrics around inter-dependence. Good sing along. [360k]
Imina Puñña - A Pali chant, verse of sharing and aspiration. [360k]
Jayanto - Verses of victory. [260k]
Metta Sutta - P - The Buddha's words on Loving Kindness. [560k]
Morning Chanting - P - this is the traditional basis for the formal morning meeting in monasteries throughout Asia. [480k]
Namo Tassa - P - A very melodious Pali mantra offering homage to the Buddha. [420k]
The Pilgrim's Quest - A song about the four 'divine abodes' - Loving Kindness, Compassion, Empathetic Joy & Equanimity. [700k]
Namo Sakyamuni Buddha - P - just those words, as a mantra. Simple. [330k]
The White Bird - The chorus of a song about the Story of the Buddha's cousin shooting a swan. [220k]
The Winds of Change - A two verse mantra. SEE: TEACHINGS / NUMBER GROUPS (8 winds). [400K]
Bodhi Tree - A superb sing-a-long for younger kids on temptation [500k]
Butterfly - All about generosity [400k]
Jewelled lotus flower - mantra [68k]

  MUSICALS: these downloads include PDF files of the script, songs, and brief explanation.
The Singing Chickens - a loose look at the Buddha's first sermon [222k]
Jenny Ross City - a pun (generosity). Dana paramita. [174k]
Life Story of the Buddha [222k]
The Squirts - The eight worldly winds (praise/blame - success/failure - fame/disrepute - happiness/sadness) [117k]

Metta - loving kindness. A little song [21k] to go with this skit

A Giving song -- about Dana (generosity) - Give, when you are lonely