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A day in a monk's life.

The Virtual Monastery - about 50 views of Amaravati Monastery - almost like being there (virtuously).

Discipline & Convention - introduction to monastic training rules.

Ten Reflections for one in the holy life
Puja introduction
Metta Sutta - loving kindness
Verses of Victory - Jayanto
Sharing and Aspiration - Imina Punya

Five Precepts - Why Precepts?

TNT covers - simple info on chanting

Biography of Ajahn Chah.
Pictures of Ajahn Chah

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CHANTING BOOK: Morning & Evening chanting in Pali, with English translations, as well as many other traditional chants in both Pali & English. PDF 120k

REQUESTING PRECEPTS (Pali with Eng. trans. PDF 36k)

Extensive biography of Ajahn Chah

The full patimokha chanting in Pali 1.64Mb [view sample page]

Sound files - SF - Pali chanting - MP3 - see: CHANTING for details


Temple Dedication Book prepared for the official dedication of the Temple at Amaravati Monastery

Sekhiya - 75 training rules (a section of the 227)

Sample page (in new window) of the Patimokha chanting in Pali [see downloads]
The entire patimokkha in English.

Three Refuges + Five Precepts - screen shot of chanting -Pali / English

A brief tour of the Baltics a slightly personal doodle but it gives some idea of what monks do.