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R  E  S  O  U   R  C  E  S

There is a certain amount of material that is too broad in subject to logically fit any of the menu categories. This is often the result of material produced independently of the general development of the site.


A book of Questions (from students) and Answers (by me) on a wide ranging number of topics.
An information pack for schools covering a basic range of Buddhist themes.
This was produced by the Luton Education Centre, U.K.
Amaravati Buddhist Monastery. A book written to commemorate the dediction of the new Temple. It loads as a full page with a link back to Buddha Mind.
A virtual tour of Amaravati Buddhist Monastery.
The Nothing Times - a collection of covers off a monthly mag for children. Each deals with a traditional theme in a simple format.
A brief tour of the Baltics - this is a slightly personal doodle but it gives some idea of what monks do.
Buddhism in two pages. A very simple outline of what has become a rather complex business.