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Paticca Samuppada - Tanha-Upadana

cute enough
on first meeting
From craving arises grasping arises becoming. bhava: Becoming. States of being that develop first in the mind and can then be experienced as internal worlds and/or as worlds on an external level. There are three levels of becoming: on the sensual level, the level of form, and the level of formlessness. 'becoming', 'process of existence', consists of 3 planes: sensuous existence (káma-bhava), fine-material existence (rúpa-bhava), immaterial existence (arúpa-bhava). Cf. loka. or: sensual existence, deva--corporeal, & formless existence kamma° and upapatti° (uppatti°), or the active functioning of a life in relation to the fruitional, or resultant way of the next life --anga constituent of becoming, function of being, functional state of sub- consciousness, i.e. subliminal consciousness or sub- conscious life--continuum, the vital continuum in the absence of any process [of mind, or attention] (thus Mrs. Rh. D. in Expos. 185 n.), subconscious individual life. --äsava the intoxicant of existence --cakka the wheel or round of rebirth, equivalent to the Paãicca--samuppäda "And how is there the yoke of becoming? There is the case where a certain person does not discern, as it actually is present, the origination, the passing away, the allure, the drawbacks, & the escape from becoming. When he does not discern, as it actually is present, the origination, the passing away, the allure, the drawbacks, & the escape from becoming, then -- with regard to states of becoming -- he is obsessed with becoming-passion, becoming-delight, becoming-attraction, becoming-infatuation, becoming-thirst, becoming-fever, becoming-fascination, becoming-craving. This is the yoke of sensuality & the yoke of becoming." Anguttara Nikaya IV.10 Disenchantment is the supporting condition for dispassion": In the trail of disenchantment there arises a deep yearning for deliverance from the round of samsaric becoming. Previously, prior to the arrival at correct knowledge and vision, the mind moved freely under the control of the impulses of delight and attachment. But now, with the growth of insight and the consequent disenchantment with conditioned existence, these impulses yield to a strong detachment and evolving capacity for renunciation. "His heart, thus knowing, thus seeing, is released from the effluent of sensuality, released from the effluent of becoming, released from the effluent of unawareness. With release, there is the knowledge, 'Released.' He discerns that, 'Birth is no more, the holy life is fulfilled, the task done. There is nothing further for this world." Digha Nikaya - Samaññaphala Sutta Nothing else in the cosmos has caused us to experience becoming and birth, and to carry the mass of all sufferings, other than this avijja-paccaya sankhara.

like a butterfly
let it land
rest in the palm
of your hand
to take flight
elegant in the light
of generosity
and love
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