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A B O U T  T H I S  S I T E  ии  W H Y  T H E  B R A I N

R  E  S  O  U   R  C  E  S

W H Y ?

THE SITE is divided into two halves.
The left side aims to provide information on a range of Buddhist themes. It has been developed with beginners, religious education teachers and students in mind. Each section has a 'resources' item with a range of related items and downloads. The general aim is to offer practical, 'hands on' material. The site is an expression of a particular Buddhist, monastic tradition and more specifically, the work of one monk.
The right side is a mixed bag of goodies.

THE BRAIN is a symbol of consciousness, thought. It is the place where we solve problems, where we work out what this life stuff is all about.
Does brain = mind? What is Buddha Mind? Will the Buddha Mind? These questions and more like them will not be answered just anywhere but somewhere. Feel free to pick these brains.

One theory suggests seperate functions for the left and right hemispheres of the brain.

Human experience is quantifiable, but only to a limited degree and it is important to give value to the less concrete, more abstract dimensions of our existance; to balance the 'left' with the 'right'.
Presenting material on the left is no problem. There are books, diagrams and words in analytical abundance. The right side is more difficult. The use of imagery, symbols, humour, riddles, rituals, etc. can be useful in contacting our less visible 'spiritual' side. Often a (seemingly) bizarre collection of words or images can be the key to opening the heart.

Thought will lead you to the door, and even open it, but you must enter the interior naked and without artifice.

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