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[May '03] Plug reinserted - Monk back from walk about.
S l o w l y  stuff IS appearing here. :))
1 Nov BMs BUDDHA MINDers Generally added to. The first sutta class has been run. The community is very slowly building - but it is happening.
15 Sept all THE SITE Well, the style gurus have been at work again (thanks team!). A couple of bits added to Buddha Minders, the olde site (abm.ndirect) now redirected to buddhamind.info .
17 Aug BMs BUDDHA MINDers A few of the basic building blocks in place - forum; Mind-Maker (build a page or upload); HELP (contact suggestions); Newsletter subscription; epals. Check it out!
22 July BMs BUDDHA MINDers A NEW category here. There is still a LOT of work yet to go but keep an eye on it and watch it grow.
4 July L GUESTBOOK Still fiddling with techie stuff as I get back into the site. Flash, CSS and now CGI - i WILL get to the missing content soon(er or later) :)
17 June L MENU A combination of learning Flash and seeking browser compatibility. There is a simple Gif (images only) alternative.
13 May
L   ALL OVER Link maintenance, style sheets. Why new menu? Win XP = no Java :(- NS = variable DHTML :(- WHAT is a site designer to do? Anyway, I hope you like the look. Let me know.
23 Mar L ART & CULTURE Scriptures - two to go here [although cosmology is underway]
23 Jan
L ART & CULTURE Requisites / Buddha's Life Story. Yet another two (of nine) - three to go.
20 Dec L ART & CULTURE One more (of nine items) - Architecture. This is it for this year. Have a jolly, merry, good and happy transition into the next!
1 Dec L ART & CULTURE Three (of nine items) - Symbols / Stupa / Buddha images
25 Sept L ACTIVITIES / CRAFT Making things - discussing the things we make - meditating on discussions and makings.
15 Sept L ART & CULTURE Pictorial life story of the Buddha - pictures + simple text outlining the main events
10 Sept L BOOK Online book on Stupas. This book is still awaiting a publisher. Available as a publications download. The stupa section itself will arrive shortly - ?
24 Aug L PUBLICATIONS Download the latest from Ajahn Sucitto - Kalyana
7 Aug R BIOHAZARD An unexpected addition to the RITESIDE. I cobbled a few bits of code and - well - computers will tent towart proliferateness. Mine does anyway.
28 June R HIPPOCAMPUS       Yes, it's finally happening. A bit on the weird side but I'm having fun - and with luck there is some useful dhamma here. As long as you have the code you're IN !
       Probably the last pages on the riteside for a while - Two instances of all Hippo code now in place. Hopefully I'll actually get the hippocampus built. Here is no link cos frames go funny flink on the right side.
4 May L The Moon A graphic display - shows current state with 4 new quarterly states (and current date and time) - but doesn't make tea! LINK available off LEFTSIDE - WELCOME menu
20 Apr R HIPPOCAMPUS There is a lot to do here but have a peek at the intro
17 Apr R QUOTHENE At last - a bit more on the ride brain - QUOTHENE - which means something profound - I guess.
To speed page load I have cut off the time that was. For the archivally inclined you could peek here