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R  E  S  O  U   R  C  E  S

Buddha Mind - get one, be one.


These books are generally from teachers at branch monasteries of Ajahn Chah. They have been collated from a variety of sources so formats and quality may vary. The long term aim is to produce all the Ajahn Chah Sangha publications as a complete interactive archive, SO:
If you know of download sites for books listed here (but not currently available) or, of any similar books not listed here, I would be pleased to hear from you as this could save me a lot of work.

All the material is available for free distribution but is still subject to copyright.
FOREST SANGHA NEWSLETTER is an excellent source of transcribed talks from teachers of this tradition.



See it - get it No Ajahn Chah - quote collection Ajahn Chah 70k
See it - get it Suffering on the Road,
     Clarity of Insight - Two talks
Ajahn Chah 40k
See it - get it Two books: The Path to Peace &
           The Key to Liberation
Ajahn Chah 122k
See it - get it Stupas - info & lots of pics [view on-line] Ven. Kusalo 385k
See it - get it Kalyana Ajahn Sucitto 136k
See it - get it Seeing the Way Ajahn Chah & disciples 280k
Sit still Meditation – samadhi Bhavana Ajahn Chah 32k
Bodhinyana Amaravati Chanting book several 120 k
Bodhinyana Bodhinyana Ajahn Chah 70 k
Tuccho Pothila Ajahn Chah
Set a spell Our Real Home Ajahn Chah 10k
Tasty Taste of Freedom, A Ajahn Chah 52 k
Instinct and Aspiration Ajahn Sumedho
Gratitude to Parents Ajahn Sumedho 26k
Dhamma: The way to Peace Ajahn Sumedho
Come on in Opening the Doors to the Deathless
        [view on-line]
Temple Dedication 960 / 122k
Walking Dhutanga in Britain Ajahn Sucitto
On Death and Dying Ajahn Sucitto
Q & A with Aj Sumedho Wheeler
Food for thought Mindfulness: Path to the Deathless Ajahn Sumedho 70k
Food for thought Now is the Knowing Ajahn Sumedho 50k
Food for thought Food for the Heart Ajahn Chah 111k
Cittaviveka Ajahn Sumedho 96k
Teachings of a Buddhist Monk Ajahn Sumedho
thank you Peace and Kindness Ajahn Sumedho 46k
Personal Responsibility and the Nuclear Age Ajahn Sumedho
Spirit of Commitment, The Ajahn Sumedho +
Buddha Nature: reflections on B. & the Environment Ajahn Sucitto
Calm and Insight Ajahn Jagaro
Alive (and well) The Way it is Ajahn Sumedho 151k
Alive (and well) Four Noble Truths, The Ajahn Sumedho 90k
Dawn of the Dhamma, The Ajahn Sucitto
Mind and the Way
Seed of Contemplation
Alive (and well) Living Dhamma Ajahn Chah 88 k
starters Introduction to Insight Meditation ABM 13k
the edge Outline of Buddhism ABM 10k
Venerable Father Paul Breiter
walk on Path to Peace [available with 'The Key to Liberation' see: here Ajahn Chah 25k
thanks Gift of Well Being [new edition pending] Ajahn Munindo 74k
boundaries Discipline & Convention (Vinaya) River Publications 12k
why Q & A with Ajahn Chah (incomplete) . 7k
why Q & A with Venerable Kusalo Venerable Kusalo 180k
why Bhikkhu Patimokha (in Pali - PDF - with fonts)   1.64Mb