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revised May 2003

Tested using Explorer 6 and spot checked with Netscape 7 (which does not agree with me :( - or is it me with it?
Page size remains around a max of 25k +.
I now have ADSL but try to test pages using a 56k modem. It still all seems reasonable enough (no complaints anyway).
Pages are built (and best viewed) at 1024 x 768. I try to check layouts at 880 wide but you may still get the odd horizontal scroll bar or messy layout fall abouts.

Copyright: The contents of this site - text, graphics and downloads - are freely available for personal and non-commercial use. Please respect the fact that some of the material has been donated by commercial sources. If you use material from here a credit or link to this site would be appreciated. For online use you could include one of the graphics below. Generally, I enjoy seeing how this material has been reused or incorporated in other works - email me a URL or some such. Please contact me if you have any problems with downloads or saving pages or if you are unsure of your reuse.

Most downloads have been generated by and for the PC.
Many can be converted for MAC, so if you can't get stuff converted, drop us a line.

Please email details of any broken links, dodgy pages, heretical views you find on the site.

The following file format information may be of use.

ZIP A compressed file WinZip
PDF Personal Document Format Acrobat Reader
MP3 Highly compressed sound files Player eg WinAmp
WMF Line art. Imports into most Windows apps. Easily enlarged. Corel Draw, Freehand, Xara
Photo format. Imports into most Win apps. Loses quality when enlarged. Paintshop Pro, Photoshop, Paint (to edit)
ACDC XNview etc. (to view)
JPG PC and MAC photo format. Quality depends on compression as above
TXT Text file. 'Read-me' files with details about downloads Any word processor
KNP Interactive multimedia games PC 486/33 or better
SWF Macromedia Flash - vector based interactive animation Flash plug-in. A minor inconvenience - it seems it will be included in future browsers anyway.

As an alternative to text you could include one of these pics with any material you use from this site.
PC users: right mouse click the pic and 'Save picture As...'