''The end of suffering comes with the end of desire.''

Pretty obvious really.

An itching story:

Maybe you know what poison ivy is? There is one variety that really itches. You get it on your skin and little blisters form -- and do they itch. Drives you crazy. So -- you scratch. And does it feel good? Only trouble is that the blisters burst and the liquid spreads on the skin and -- oh no! and more blisters form -- and do they itch. Drives you crazy. So -- you scratch. And it feels good. Ahhhh! But this goes on and on until you begin to think 'This is suffering. I've got to stop scratching and just let nature heal all these blisters.'

How does your suffering appear? People itch after material things: cars, money, etc. -- after sensual things: drink, drugs, sex, etc. -- after emotional things: love, praise, etc.

You're itching to be ... what? intelligent; good looking; cool; tough; fast; loveable; rich; artistic; whatever. You know your not all of that but you want it so much. This desire is the itching. So you go for it -- the scratching. And it kind of feels good? Only trouble is ... if it is against nature ... there is a bad result. Fakes fall over. If you're not tough and you scratch someone tough ... Ooooow.

Desire (itching); leads to bad, unwise action (scratching); leads to more itching; leads eventually to suffering. Somewhere down the line you've got to stop scratching.

Just be yourself.
Be true to your own nature.